Clothing Edit

Armour and clothing provides protection from the cold and attacks. With better protection from cold a character will go from "sweating a lot" to "freezing" slower. The table below describes the protection provided by armour/clothing of various materials. Some clothing can be made from hides collected by the player, while others must be traded for.


Armour Coverage Edit

The Armour Coverage Statistics screen is available through the shortcut [A] and shows how protected the player is against different types of attack, including temperature. Different types of clothing cover different parts of the body (some types of clothing overlap) and the coverage is based on the respective values in the tables below.

Naked named

Coverage of different clothes and armour
Cap Face Neck Shoulders Upper arms Elbows Arms Hands Chest Waist Hips Groin Thighs Knees Shins Feet
Apron X X X X
Belt X X
Cap X
Cloak X X X X X X X
Coudes X
Cowl X X
Cowl (long) X X X
Cowl (short) X X
Cuirass X X
Dress X X X X X X X
Footrags X
Footwear X X
Gauntlets X
Great Helm X X X
Greaves X
Habergeon X X X X X X
Halfhelm X
Hauberk X X X X X X X
Hauberk (long) X X X X X X X X
Hood X X X
Leggings X X X X
Mittens X
Overcoat X X X X X X X X
Rerebraces X
Shirt X X X X X X
Shoes X
Shoes, Laced X X
Socks X
Trousers X X X X X X
Tunic X X X X X X X
Undergarment X X X X X X X
Undershirt X X X X X X X X
Vambraces X
Veil X X

Different types of fur as well as the clothings' current state of repair modify these values. The numerical values in the clothing tables below may be mapped to the following colour codes like this:

Colour Dark Red Light Red Orange Yellow Yellow/Green Light Green Dark Green
Value 1 2 3 4-5 6 7 8+

Although the color shows no different, higher value still provide better protection.

Clothing From Plant Fibers Edit

Clothing made of nettle and linen are quite common and are found all over the Unreal World. Linen clothing offer some protection against the cold while also keeping you cool in hot weather. Birch-bark is less flexible than the other two and is thus used mainly for shoes, head-dresses and such. Birch-bark offers some protection against attacks but little against the cold.

Item Blunt Edge Point Tear Squeeze Warmth Weight Value
Birch-bark Cap 1 2 2 3 2 1 0,9 lbs. 8
Birch-bark Necklace 0,5 lbs. 8
Birch-bark Shoes 0,8 lbs. 16
Linen Apron 1 2 1 2 0 3 3 lbs. 88
Linen Cowl 1 lb. 16
Linen Dress 4 lbs. 120
Linen Footrags 0,2 lbs. 8
Linen Shirt 3 lbs. 120
Linen Trousers 4 lbs. 120
Linen Tunic 6 lbs. 160
Linen Undergarment 3 lbs. 144
Linen Undershirt 2,5 lbs. 80
Linen Veil 0,3 lbs. 16
Nettle Apron 1 2 1 2 0 3 3 lbs. 80
Nettle Cloak 6 lbs. 48
NettleCowl 1 lb. 16
Nettle Shirt 3 lbs. 112
Nettle Trousers 4 lbs. 112
Nettle Tunic 6 lbs. 152

Up-to-date as of version 3.18

Clothing From Animals Edit

Fur-shirt coverage

The warmth coverage of a Fur Shirt.

Fur clothing offers the best protection against the cold, with wool not far behind. The heavy fur garments also offer some protection against attacks. Leather is mostly used for shoes, boots and belts.

Item Blunt Edge Point Tear Squeeze Warmth Weight Value Valuein3.18 Value/lbs comments
Fur Cap 4 3 3 3 2 5 1 lb. 24
Fur Cloak 14 lbs. 240 224 16/lbs
Fur Footwear 2,8 lbs. 96
Fur Hood 1,1 lbs. 32
Fur Leggings 3,5 lbs. 104
Fur Mittens 1 lb. 24 20 20V/lbs 5Arrows
Fur Shirt 7 lbs. 160 144 20.57C/lbs cost36arrows
Laced Leather Shoes 1 3 3 3 1 2 1,5 lbs. 56
Leather Belt 1 lb. 16
Leather Cap 1 lb. 16
Leather Leggings 5,5 lbs. 96
Leather Shirt 6 lbs. 120
Leather Shoes 1,5 lbs. 40
Woolen Apron 2 2 1 2 1 4 4 lbs. 88
Woolen Cloak 7 lbs. 56
Woolen Cowl 1 lb. 16
Woolen Dress 5 lbs. 128
Woolen Footrags 0,2 lbs. 16
Woolen Leggings 4 lbs. 96
Woolen Mittens 0,2 lbs. 16
Woolen Overcoat 8 lbs. 176
Woolen Shirt 4 lbs. 128
Woolen Socks 0,2 lbs. 16
Woolen Trousers 6 lbs. 128
Woolen Tunic 7 lbs. 168
Woolen Undergarment 5 lbs. 160
Woolen Undershirt 4 lbs. 88
Woolen Veil 0,3 lbs. 16

Values tabulated using Bear Fur & Generic Leather. Up-to-date as of version 3.18

Metal Armour Edit

The main sources of metal armour are Foreign traders, warriors and stores (Driikiläiset v3.14, other cultures ?) as none of the local cultures in the Unreal World make these. Metal armour comes in three variants: Ring, mail and iron.

Item Blunt Edge Point Tear Squeeze Warmth Weight Value
Iron Breastplate 7 10 8 9 6 3 9 lbs. 1200
Iron Coudes 2 lbs. 200
Iron Cuirass 18 lbs. 2400
Iron Great Helm 7 lbs. 880
Iron Greaves 9 lbs. 300
Iron Halfhelm 3 lbs. 400
Iron Kneecops 2 lbs. 296
Iron Rerebraces 5 lbs. 600
Iron Vambraces 4 lbs. 504
Long Mail Cowl 3 8 5 7 2 2 5 lbs. 560
Long Mail Hauberk 30 lbs. 3600
Mail Habergeon 22 lbs. 2576
Mail Leggings 23 lbs. 2760
Mail Mittens 3 lbs. 320
Short Mail Cowl 3 lbs. 360
Short Mail Hauberk 29 lbs. 3400
Long Ring Cowl 3 5 3 4 2 2 3 lbs. 256
Long Ring Hauberk 21 lbs. 1680
Ring Gauntlets 2 lbs. 144
Ring Halfhelm 1 lb. 112
Ring Leggings 16 lbs. 1280
Ring Shirt 15 lbs. 1200
Short Ring Cowl 2 lbs. 168
Short Ring Hauberk 20 lbs. 1600

Up-to-date as of version 3.12b/P2

some research on armor values

Lamellar armorEdit

As of v3.19 -3.20 Urw added new armor Lamellar Cuirass, Lamellar Hauberk, Leather Shin Guards, Leather Forearm Guards etc.

Item Blunt Edge Point Squeeze Warmth Weight Value
Lamellar Cuirass 5 9 5 4 2 15 2000
Lamellar Hauberk 5 9 5 4 2 35 3040
Lamellar Shin Guards 1 3 3 1 2 3 48
Lamellar Forearm Guards 1 3 3 1 2 1.5 24














Warmness Edit

One of the best warmness clothes in the winter are the following: Max warmness

Even if the temperature goes deep under zero you would feel hot. If you want to sweat a little bit try to wear an additional bear cloak.

The negatives you ask? Sure the weight and the visible gaps.

cheap+warm+light armor for starting huntersEdit


  • Buy a few fur-cloaks for 4 torches each to make the fur items.
  • Good Blunt for falling from trees, but not suitable for hunting agressive animals.

Additional information/TipsEdit

Best armor Vs weight

The iron items weigh 38 lbs in full condition. However, they do not cover the shoulders, hands, hips, thighs, feet and groin. If you add the mail, ring and leather items for total coverage (cowl, mittens, gauntlets, leggings, maybe hauberk, laced shoes,maybe belt, maybe shirt) you are going for 90-100 lbs.

With heavy clothes, (woolen undershirt, undergarments, overcoat, tunic, bear fur coat and footwear etc) you can push 150 but the additional protection is barely noticeable at this point. 

Best protection for weight is iron great helm, long ring cowl, bear fur hood, shirt and leggings, mail mittens and ring gauntlets, iron coudes and kneecops, laced leather shoes and normal leather belt and linen undergarment (thighs are more important than arms, you can still run away with your arms badly hurt). Bear fur footwear, iron vambraces, linen cloak optional (depends on character weight, 260+ always wear the cloak and seriously consider the vambaces. Bear fur footwear can be replaced/supported with socks and/or footrags )

-from Nicool's Forum poste under 'Training Archery & Full suit of iron' jan 21,2014