Here are few addresses which don't change when you start (and load) the game - they work at UrW 3.16 final, stable and Cheat Engine 6.2. Note that use these cheats take most of the challenge out of the game but can come in really handy when testing mods and looking for bugs. It can also be fun to use if you want to wipe out entire villages with a super-human character. Credit for Attributes and Skills addresses goes to


3.17 Cheat Table

Credits to Toolhead for hunting down the values

3.18beta4 Skills by Anon

3.18 (stable) table:

3.19 (stable) table:!Gh8STAJA!amti_3PD_XN3R3M6fWOCFIZFgxvAqiQhGmsP7EqbJzs

3.20 Patch 2 table by Doughboy: Options +56.


Address 3.18 (stable) 3.19 (stable) Type Value
Nutrition/Hunger 1CDB38BC 0AED451C 0AF2999C 4 Bytes 9999 Freeze Value
Thirst 1CDB3814 0AED4474 0AF298F4 4 Bytes 100 (Full) to 3000 (Parched)
Energy 1CDB3818 0AED4478 0AF298F8 4 Bytes 100 (Full) to 3000 (Exhausted)
Carry Weight 1CDB38D0 0AED4530 0AF299B0 Float 0 (No Encumbrance)
Fatigue 1CDB38C8 0AED4528 0AF299A8 Float 0 (No Fatigue)
Injury 1CDB38D0 0aed452c and AAD44E4 0AF299AC Float 0
Day 1CDB38EC 0AED454C AF299CC Byte 1 to 30
Month*** 0AED4558 AF299A4 Byte 1 to 12
Year 1CDB38F9 0AED4559 AF299D9 Byte Set Value or Freeze
Time 1CDB38C4 0AED4524 AF299A4 Byte 1 to 24
First Injury for Nausea 0AED44E4 AF29964* Float 0
Temperature 0AED3FFC AF2947C 4 Bytes 60 (warm)

Note: Setting the Penalty % to 0 will consequently set everything else to none or 0.

  • Setting AF29964 to 0 seems to heal the first 4 injuries. AF29964 + (#injury-4) heals the others.
      • 3.18 Value(verify please)


In 3.20 the Attributes are somewhere in xxx.URS between 00000ac2 and 00000ad8.

In 3.20 the Address is random,only search it by tools(cheat engine).But the struct of address is fixedly,the same as 3.19.

Address (3.16 final,stable) Address (3.17 final,stable) Address (3.18 beta4) Address (3.18 Stable) Address (3.19 Stable)


Hearing 1CDB38FB 1CB6A70B 0ADDE633 0AED455B 0AF299DB BYTE 1 to 18
Intelligence 1CDB38FA 1CB6A70A 0ADDE632 0AED455A 0AF299DA BYTE 1 to 18
Will 1CDB38F7 1CB6A707 0ADDE62F 0AED4557 0AF299D7 BYTE 1 to 18
Touch 1CDB38F6 1CB6A706 0ADDE62E 0AED4556 0AF299D6 BYTE 1 to 18
Eyesight 1CDB38F5 1CB6A705 0ADDE62D 0AED4555 0AF299D5 BYTE 1 to 18


1CDB38F2 1CB6A702 0ADDE62A 0AED4552 0AF299D2 BYTE 1 to 18
Endurance 1CDB38F1 1CB6A701 0ADDE629 0AED4551 0AF299D1 BYTE 1 to 18
Speed 1CDB38EF 1CB6A6FF 0ADDE627 0AED454F 0AF299CF BYTE 1 to 18
Dexterity 1CDB38EE 1CB6A6FE 0ADDE626 0AED454E 0AF299CE BYTE 1 to 18
Agility 1CDB38EB 1CB6A6FB 0ADDE623 0AED454B 0AF299CB BYTE 1 to 18
Strength 1CDB38EA 1CB6A6FA 0ADDE622 0AED454A 0AF299CA BYTE 1 to 18
Height 1CDB38DC 1CB6A6DC 0ADDE614 0AED453C 0AF299BC BYTE Inches
Weight 1CDB38D8 1CB69DA8 0ADDE610 0AED4538 0AF299B8 BYTE lbs
Physique 1CDB38E0 1CB6A6E0 0ADDE618 0AED4540 0AF299C0 BYTE 1-5

Notes: Attributes can be edited up to 255.

Edit 3.17 & 3.18 by Esavier, tested and working.


Address (3.16 final,stable) Address (3.18 stable) Address (3.19 stable) Type Value
Fear of Heights 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 1
Fear of Open Spaces 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 2
Fear of Felines 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 3
Fear of Canines 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 4
Fear of People/Crowds 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 5
Fear of Horses etc. 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 6
Fear of Blood 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 7
Fear of Water/Drowning 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 8
Weapon/Combat Aversion 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 9
Fear of Mice and Rodents 1CDB38E4 0AED4544 AF299C4 Byte 10


In 3.20 the ability to lern are the rirst non zero hex in the xxx.URS file. In my file it was 00000279-00000284. The next values seem to be the skills set in a random fashion.

Address (3.16Beta) Address (3.16 final,stable) Address (3.18beta4) Address (3.18 stable) Address (3.19) Type Value
Building 1CDA6E3E 1CDB30EE 0ADDDE26 0AED3D4E AF291CE Byte 1 to 255
Trapping 1CDA6E3D 1CDB30ED 0ADDDE25 0AED3D4D AF291CD Byte 1 to 255
Tracking 1CDA6E3C 1CDB30EC 0ADDDE24 0AED3D4C AF291CC Byte 1 to 255
Hideworking 1CDA6E3B 1CDB30EB 0ADDDE23 0AED3D4B AF291CB Byte 1 to 255
Herblore 1CDB30EA 0ADDDE22 0AED3D4A 0AED3D4A AF291CA Byte 1 to 255
Carpentry 1CDA6E39 1CDB30E9 0ADDDE21 0AED3D49 AF291C9 Byte 1 to 255
Weatherlore 1CDA6E38 1CDB30E8 0ADDDE20 0AED3D48 AF291C8 Byte 1 to 255
Fishing 1C9A6E37 1CDB30E7 0ADDDE1F 0AED3D47 AF291C7 Byte 1 to 255
Swimming 1C9A6E36 1CDB30E6 0ADDDE1E 0AED3D46 AF291C6 Byte 1 to 255
Timbercraft 1C9A6E35 1CDB30E5 0ADDDE1D 0AED3D45 AF291C5 Byte 1 to 255
Survival 1C9A6E34 1CDB30E4 0ADDDE1C 0AED3D44 AF291C4 Byte 1 to 255
Skiing 1C9A6E33 1CDB30E3 0ADDDE1B 0AED3D43 AF291C3 Byte 1 to 255
Ritual 1C9A6E32 1CDB30E2 0ADDDE1A 0AED3D42 AF291C2 Byte 1 to 255
Cookery 1CDA6E31 1CDB30E1 0ADDDE19 0AED3D41 AF291C1 Byte 1 to 255
Stealth 1C9A6E30 1CDB30E0 0ADDDE18 0AED3D40 AF291C0 Byte 1 to 255
Climbing 1C9A6E2F 1CDB30DF 0ADDDE17 0AED3D3F AF291BF Byte 1 to 255
Physician 1C9A6E2E 1CDB30DE 0ADDDE16 0AED3D3E AF291BE Byte 1 to 255
Unarmed 1C9A6E2D 1CDB30DD 0ADDDE15 0AED3D3D AF291BD Byte 1 to 255
Crossbow 1C9A6E2C 1CDB30DC 0ADDDE14 0AED3D3C AF291BC Byte 1 to 255
Bow 1C9A6E2B 1CDB30DB 0ADDDE13 0AED3D3B AF291BB Byte 1 to 255
Spear 1C9A6E2A 1CDB30DA 0ADDDE12 0AED3D3A AF291BA Byte 1 to 255
Flail 1C9A6E29 1CDB30D9 0ADDDE11 0AED3D39 AF291B9 Byte 1 to 255
Axe 1C9A6E28 1CDB30D8 0ADDDE10 0AED3D38 AF291B8 Byte 1 to 255
Club 1C9A6E27 1CDB30D7 0ADDDE0F 0AED3D37 AF291B7 Byte 1 to 255
Sword 1C9A6E26 1CDB30D6 0ADDDE0E 0AED3D36 AF291B6 Byte 1 to 255
Dagger 1C9A6E25 1CDB30D5 0ADDDE0D 0AED3D35 AF291B5 Byte 1 to 255
Shield 1C9A6E24 1CDB30D4 0ADDDE0C 0AED3D34 AF291B4 Byte 1 to 255
Agriculture 1CDA6E23 1CDB30D3 0ADDDE0B 0AED3D33 AF291B3 Byte 1 to 255
Dodge 1CDB30D2 0ADDDE0A 0AED3D32 AF291B2 Byte 1 to 255

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