Burdock is a kind of edible herb, often found in clearings, fields, and settlements.

Carbs Fat Protein Produces Growing time Growing months Found in
20 2 4 Leaves, roots 70 days ? Clearing,settlement, field

Herb effectsEdit


When eaten, raw or cooked, burdock is a:

  • diaphoretic
  • anti-microbial

When boiled, burdock is a:

  • refrigerant
  • depurative

When applied to wounds, burdock is an:

  • anti-septic
  • anti-microbial

In real lifeEdit


A photograph of a clump of burdock.

Burdock is known in real life as greater or edible burdock, Arctium lappa. It has broad leaves and bright purple flowers, which stick to fur and clothing. The long, thin roots are still commonly eaten today, and it is used as a flavouring in traditional drinks.

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