A 6x6 house with bench,table,fireplace and a sleeping bunk .

One of the major tasks you're going to do is building your own cabin. Building it requires a lot of time, resources and effort.

You will need:

To build a wall, you need logs, made from fallen trees or tree trunks. You can fell a tree with the timbercraft skill, pressing Alt+M and then [f]ell a tree. Tree trunks can be made into logs or boards with timbercraft skill as well. Currently the best way to transport a large numbers of logs is to [m]ove or [p]ush them on to some sort of watercraft, then rowing them as close as possible to your building site. This is because there is no limit to how many logs can be on a single tile, and they are always too heavy to be carried by the player or NPCs.

A single tile of wall requires 6 logs. All the building commands for a wooden cabin can be found by pressing Alt+B for the Building skill, and then [W], Wooden building. After the walls, you will need to build the floor and the ceilings. Additionally you may add a couple of shutters and a door. Also if you like your cabin to be warm, you will need a fireplace as well. After all, you can't just build a fire on the floor!

Cave rocks are like walls: Therefore you can build ceiling and floor in cave floor. Build a door at the cave entrance to close it so that your cave can work as a smoking house/sauna. Cave reduce the number of logs you need to build walls. The only problem with caves is that it's hard to transport logs/boards/slender trunks by water, which is why a cave with water on the right side is the rarest of the rare, since you could move them right upto the cave mouth. The choice between waterbank sites versus caves is a big one.

Cellars are considered to be a outdoor-type section of building. You cannot sleep in a cellar when raining. You can escape a cave sector from it if you build one in a cave. Dont build it on Ceiling/floor tile or you will lose the materials spent on that.

List of Buildings and Constructions

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