Examples of useful Building mods:Edit

.Water.  "Well"     *BUILDING*            /30/        %30%
{Stone} (50) [remove] [ground]
{Water}  #100#  [remove]

Creates a puddle of water, that can be used as a limitless source of water. Useful, when building far from lakes/rivers. Can also be used to create moat : ) Side effect of it is added ability to deconstruct water: created water deconstructs into stones and handful of bilberries, natural water deconstructs into stones.  *Note that as of 3.16beta2, this must be placed under the  [SUBMENU_START:building] section, or the game will freeze when you attempt to build it.*

.Road.    -R-     *BUILDING*
{Stone} (6) [remove] [ground]             /20/
{Rock} (10) [remove]

Okay, isn't it nice to be able to create roads? Though the sprite is not very impressive.

some object reciepes, if someone know about ground tiles please fill tab

thanks all for helping, all hail Cheat Engine who disassemble tiles region,

lichen and moss not found in tiles section

Global Map tiles:

.Lichenous pine forest.     *BUILDING*            /1/
.Mountain.     *BUILDING*            /1/      
.Hill.     *BUILDING*            /1/     
.cliff.    *BUILDING*            /1/
.Heathland.     *BUILDING*            /1/    
.Conifereous forest.     *BUILDING*            /1/    
.Grove.     *BUILDING*            /1/   
.Cave.     *BUILDING*            /1/         
.Field.     *BUILDING*            /1/   
.Village.     *BUILDING*            /1/  
.Open mire.     *BUILDING*            /1/
.Pine mire.     *BUILDING*            /1/  
.Prepared soil.     *BUILDING*            /1/
.Surface of the Earth.    *BUILDING*            /1/
.Hole in the ground.    *BUILDING*            /1/
.Pasture.    *BUILDING*            /1/
.Camp.    *BUILDING*            /1/  
.Fortified village.    *BUILDING*            /1/  CRASH
.Spruce mire.    *BUILDING*            /1/  CRASH

Local Map tiles:
.River.     *BUILDING*            /1/
.Rapids.     *BUILDING*            /1/    
.Water.    *BUILDING*            /1/          
.Ford.    *BUILDING*            /1/
.Sea.     *BUILDING*            /1/    
.Big rock.     *BUILDING*            /1/    
.High cliff.     *BUILDING*            /1/   
.Road.    *BUILDING*            /1/    
.'goods shed'.    *BUILDING*            /1/    
.'fishing shed'.    *BUILDING*            /1/   
.'weaponsmith'.     *BUILDING*            /1/    
.Granary.     *BUILDING*            /1/      
.'armory'.     *BUILDING*            /1/     
.'metalsmith'.     *BUILDING*            /1/     
.Fish storehouse.     *BUILDING*            /1/     
.Food storehouse.     *BUILDING*            /1/    
.'Bowyer'.    *BUILDING*            /1/            
.'Hideworker'.    *BUILDING*            /1/          
.Cave floor.    *BUILDING*            /1/                     

.Birch.     *BUILDING*            /1/  
.Rowan.     *BUILDING*            /1/  
.Alder.     *BUILDING*            /1/    
.Thicket.     *BUILDING*            /1/
.Pine.     *BUILDING*            /1/  
.Young Pine.     *BUILDING*            /1/  
.Spruce.     *BUILDING*            /1/
.Young Spruce.     *BUILDING*            /1/   
.Bushes.     *BUILDING*            /1/  

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