A black grouse is a small game animal.  Its carcass yields 2 black grouse cuts, 1 black

A Black Grouse

grouse fat, and ~0.2 lbs of black grouse hide that, when tanned, becomes black grouse leather. If you intend to use the skin be careful when killing the bird, as it is all too easy to damage the skin to an unusable state just by using a point or edge attack on it. If you can, it is always best to kill animals with blunt attacks because they will not do as much damage the animal's skin.

Black grouse, being the most common bird, are often a nuisance to those who have settled down to farm in a region. In the warm seasons, they can appear in large enough numbers to cause a loss of fps and devastate crops during the harvest. Can be caught in light lever traps or small deadfall traps.