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Berries are edible plants that can be found and gathered. When harvested they yield one or more fistfuls of berries for evey tile of plants, each weighing 0.1 lbs. Eating a fistful lowers the hunger bar by roughly 3.1 and 8.3% (12-32 are needed to reset the full bar, with more berries needed for larger characters).

Some stores sell berry bushes/shrubs, but there is no way to plant these.

List of BerriesEdit

Name Carbs Fat Protein Water Growing time Growing seasons

Found in:

Blueberry 6 1 1 70 95 days May - September Coniferous/spruce forests, Heathlands, Pine Forests, Spruce Mires
Cloudberry 8 1 2 60 95 days June - November Open, Pine, and Spruce Mires
Cranberry 4 1 0 80 70 days August - December Open, Pine, and Spruce Mires


7 1 0 20 95 days June - November Heathland, Pine Forests
Northern bilberry 3 0 1 80 95 days May - September Heathland, Pine Forests, Pine Mires
Raspberry 4 1 1 80 60 days May - September Groves, Mountainous/Rocky Regions, Open Areas
Strawberry 9 0 0 10 60 days May - August Coniferous/Spruce Forests, Groves, Meadows

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