Common brown bear

Bears are one of the most dangerous animals in UrW and can easily kill inexperienced players. They are solitary animals, and can sometimes be found hibernating in caves. Bears are quite aggressive, although it depends on the individual. One of the Advanced adventures tasks requires the player to kill a bear. Bears can be a fun animal to hunt but they can be very dangerous. Even if you can manage to defeat a bear it may injure you to the point where you bleed to death before you have the time to tend your wounds or get back to camp. It would be advisable to wear metal armor before setting out on a bear hunt. In the event that the bear gets behind something that blocks your sight within a close distance and you hear it roar, make sure to look around carefully as they often try to rush around to attack from behind.

One "easy" way to kill a bear is to go hunting with at least two dogs and unleash them, when the bear charges you. The dogs will fight the bear allowing you to strike him without getting hurt.

Alternatively, bears can be killed or incapacitated using a spiked pit trap. These work best when placed on the bears regular paths, indicated by their large, distinct paw-prints, and baited with food bears usually seek out, such as raw fish, meat or berries (during summer).

Their skins can be made into fur, and bear fur has the highest warmth value of all furs. Bears give around 300 (As of v3.16, a small bear gave 104 cuts of meat and a normal sized bear gave 164 cuts) cuts of meat. Their meat is also as nutritious as Salmon, where 1 cut of bear meat is roughly equal to 1/3 of a Salmon, making bears the overall most rewarding animal to hunt. Their meat is also incredibly filling, and if prepared by smoking, can go bad before the entire stock is finished.

As of v315p1: bears remain one dangerous group. Even trapped in a pit, they still can fight back if you stand in their reach, and take 10 arrows from northern bow to die.

As of v3.19 - 3.20 when you fight the bear directly and have wounded him badly there is a chance he will flee from combat thus giving you a chance to finish him with your bow or run away to safety. 

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