Bags are the largest containers available in UrW. They cannot be made unless modding is used, but can be purchased from people or shops (filled with grains/salt). You get an empty bag after using all of the salt/grain in a bag of salt/grain.

Bags can hold up to 12 Lbs of a fluid, which makes them the best (though most unrealistic) choice if you wish to milk an animal as milking fills the container, meaning you get quite a bit more than if you would have used a bowl or cup. This makes them quite valuable, and considering that much travelling must be made to get them, should be kept safe and not used to club a squirrel out of a tree.

Various Bags that are sold in VillagesEdit

Bag of Salt

 A bag of salt, which is 12 lbs, can thus preserve 120 cuts of meat. A bag of salt is very expensive, though (for example I bought one for 15x "Käpälälauta"-fox_traps ). (unverified from Salted_food page)

Bag of Rye

Variant of bag mod entry is shown below:

.Bag.		  					*COMMON*  	/25/  	[patch:5]		
{Cloth}  			#1.0#  	[remove] [patchwise]
{Tying equipment}   			[remove] [patchwise]	

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