The ango is a specialized spear designed for use in seal hunting.  This two-handed weapon is among the heaviest spears (along with the wide trident).  It shares the high Point rating of the northern spear and the Kaumolais spear.  Unfortunately, like those spears, it seems to be available only in standard quality.  As with any spear, the ango can be used for fishing, and combat damage is effected by the Spear skill.

The ango is an uncommon item, but hunters of all cultures have a chance to own one, with Islanders probably having the highest chance.

Blunt Edge Point Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Weight Value
3 N/A 8 Remarkable Very little 8 lbs 480

A spear used in seal hunting as well as in combat. It has very long metal blade with a pointed hook so that it will stuck in the seal (or an opponent or his shield for example) and thus make it harder for the wounded seal (or an opponent) to escape.

- Game Encyclopedia

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