Tasks Edit

  • Source of livelihood
    • Gather food for 5 days and eat something.
  • No man's land
    • Travel to a region outside any cultural borders and make a shelter.
  • A harvest
    • Harvest any plant (wild or cultivated).
  • Sauna
    • Find a sauna, heat it, undress, and scoop water on the oven.
  • Large-scale passive hunting
  • Learning by doing
  • Prey in a trap
  • Buried into the bog
    • Perform a kind of ritual: At night, build a fire in an open or pine bog, then throw an iron weapon into the water. (Note: your weapon will be lost. Please don't use a weapon you like.)
  • Salt from the coast
    • Trade for a bag of salt. (Or a salted meat cut, confirmed in 3.17, and previously confirmed in 3.15p - not working in 3.18, tried with salted Lynx meat).
  • An island
    • Travel to a small island in a lake or in the sea.
  • Archery
    • Improve the archery skill by one point.
  • The spirit world
    • Learn a new ritual. First discover a new ritual, then speak to a sage to learn it. Automatic success if you know all rituals only after you experience unity with the environment, not before.
  • The great man of the forest
  • Kaumo furs
    • Kill and skin an animal bearing high value fur (fox, lynx, badger, etc.) in Kaumo territory.
  • Clothing
    • Make a piece of clothing. Using the fur from the previous task would be a bad idea, as high value furs are needed for trading with foreign traders.
  • Foreign traders
    • Make a trade with foreign traders. They only want fur.
  • Salmon and trout
    • Catch either a salmon or a trout.
  • Weapons of the north
    • Purchase a Northern knife or a Northern bow, then equip to the first equipment slot.
  • A cave
    • Discover a cave, then enter the cave.
  • Big elk
    • By hunting, track and kill a 'big' elk in the wilderness without use of a ritual. Although the task states that it must be a 'big' elk or 'big' stag, a 'big' reindeer also works. (In the task description nothing is mentioned about the use of rituals, but the information that it can be a reindeer is also missing...). (Note: As of 3.17, any Elk,Stag and (Domesticated/Forest) Reindeer, even without 'big' qualifier works. However, the normal animal need to be weigh a lot)
  • A house
    • Build enough of a house to be able to construct a floor and ceiling. May also be completed by deconstructing and reconstructing a section of floor and ceiling in an existing house. Or by constructing a floor and ceiling in any cave.Destructing and reconstructing a sleeping bunch is the easiest way. (In 3.18 - and possibly earlier versions - it is not enough to simply construct floor and ceiling NEXT to your house, it has to be inside of it)
  • Warfare
    • Kill everybody in a njerpez camp. (Beware in v3.14 you had to do it without any help due to a bug. This is solved in v3.16+) (v3.17: was able to complete this quest by killing all Njerpez supposedly associated with a camp. Still have yet to find the camp, but after lots of kills I completed the quest.)(In 3.18 you can complete the task by only killing one individual)
  • Change of the season
    • Wait for the current in-game month to pass.
  • Please the forest
    • Please the supernatural spirits. In order to this you must perform a meaningful ritual, e.g., sacrifice for a newly killed animal, if you killed one. (v3.17: I was able to perform the generic General Sacrifice with a positive result and passed this task.)

At the end of this course, you may choose between learning new rituals, having a skill increase (3 points to allocate in v3.16+) or a stat increase.

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