The käpälälauta-fox trap (literally: "paw-board" or "paw-snare") is a nearly two meters long board-shaped piece of wood, set in upright position. Its upper end is pointed and has two sharp wedges on both sides. The pointed end holds the bait. The fox usually ends up trapped by its forepaws stuck into the wedges. The "käpälälauta" is therefore useless without bait, which makes the fox jump to fetch it.


For crafting a fox trap you need the following items:

Note that unlike most other traps, the fox trap is crafted and put into your inventory. In order to set the trap, you need to choose apply trap from inventory in the trapping menu.

Other UsesEdit

Since the trap can be built and placed in the inventory it can be used for bartering. Since it only needs a board and no tying equipment, it is a good source for bartering when other items are missing.

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